When buying eggs


How do we know if an egg is fresh?

When an egg is cracked, we can see two well defined parts on the albumen (egg white): an inner thick albumen and an outer thin albumen. Both the yolk and the albumen (white) are well caught without scattering. Check and follow the best-before date.

What are the minimum requirements for Grade A eggs?

- Shell and cuticle: it must be normal, c lean and intact.

- Air cell: it must have a height not exceeding 6 mm.

- Albumen (white): it must be clear, unstained, gelatinous consistency and free of strange substances.

- Yolk: it must be visible only on reflected light, as a shadow, without clearly discernible outline and it must not be significantly separated from the center of the egg when it is subjected to a rotational movement. It also must be free of any strange substances.

- Odor: no strange smells.