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Can we eat eggs with red spots or "clouds" in the albumen (egg white)?

Eggs with visible blood spots on the yolk are safe to eat and they can be removed with the tip of a clean knife. It is also possible to appreciate some spots in the egg white, similar to "clouds" but, they do not affect the quality of the egg and they are also clear signs of freshness.

Are eggs responsible for salmonella?

In general, salmonella is caused by a mishandling of the egg or any other food. To avoid it, keep your hands and utensils clean. To avoid salmonella infection, eggs should be cooked properly to destroy any contaminating bacteria. Therefore, it is convenient to thicken the omelettes enough. Keep food, fresh or cooked, in the refrigerator, especially in summer.

Which is the appropiate egg handling?

Eggs stay fresh and edible if they are kept in the fridge after purchase, which prevents them from absorbing odors and flavors from other foods.