General Information


- Breeding hen form does not change the nutritional composition of the egg.

- The package instructions tell you about the product and offer conservation and consumer tips.

- The color of the egg is determined by the breed of every hen and it has nothing to do with its quality, nutritional value or taste. There are no nutritional differences between them.

- Eggs are so well protected from outside contamination thanks to their shells.

- We always recommend buying eggs with intact and clean shells. It is your guarantee of security.

- Eggs are a healthy and very complete food and can be consumed at any age. Eggs are one of the characteristic foods in the "Mediterranean diet".

- Do not wash eggs, unless you are going to consume immediately.

You can get more information by consulting the website: Instituto de Estudios del Huevo

Congratulations on choosing El Cascaron eggs. You have also acquired quality, warranty, taste and health.