Marking on eggs


Eggs for direct human consumption, which are sold packaged or in bulk, must be marked with a code on their shell, with the exception of those eggs which are sold directly from the farm to the consumer. It is their identity card.

This is Avícola Girbés CODE:

1st number. Farming method: 3 = caged hens, 2 = barn, 1 = free range, 0 = organic

2nd and 3rd letters. Country of origin in the E.U.: ES = Spain

4th and 5th numbers. Province: 46 = Valencia

6th, 7th and 8th numbers. Town location: 029 = Algemesí

All other numbers. Identification number for the establishment:05 = Avícola Girbés

Final letter. Shed origin: A = Shed A